4 Simple Steps to create ATOM feed for your web app

On Monday, 16 June 2003 at 3:27pm, Sam Ruby published another post on his blog.

It was no ordinary post. It was about the Anatomy of a well formed log entry. It was this post which evolved from a discussion on his post, to a wiki to create an open model for Web Feed Syndication (against RSS, which was copyrighted by Harvard University). Four years later, we now call it ATOM, and is the hottest way to churn out your feeds. (I hope the guys at Protolize read this)

So here is my small 4 step tutorial to create your own ATOM 1.0 feed for your web application.

1. Start with the Decleration

2. Add the Feed Information

where xml:feed is the root element of the feed and the unique id is usually the url of your post (if you have unique urls for each of your posts)

3. Add the Post Information

where id is a unique id (you can use your permalink here again), the type can be html or text and the category is optional.

4. Validate your feed
Go here to validate your feed

And that is it, you’re done.

The feeds for this blog are available here, you can subscribe via atom or email.

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