Don’t be evil Zomato

I just got spammed by somebody at Zomato. They weren’t selling viagra, but they wanted me to join their development team and what not. It was a little surprising because of all the companies around in India, you don’t expect Zomato to be spending spam, so I went through the email. Here’s what I found

PS. You are receiving this one time email because you signed up for the Zomato API. If you are not interested you can safely ignore this email and you’ll not receive any more communication in this regard.

That just sucks.

How does signing up for the API give you permission to start sending recruitment emails my way. And oh, you don’t need to remind me that I can safely ignore this email. I have made sure I mark it as spam.

That just reminds you to not give out email addresses, because when push comes to shove, even companies as loveable as Zomato would start throwing crap your way, all because they HAVE your email address.

Here’s the full email.

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3 Responses to Don’t be evil Zomato

  1. Even I received same email from Zomato…uffss

  2. Tom says:

    I don’t know who is Zomato but I hate spammers.

  3. BHMLabs says:

    Zamato is irritating me a lot now a days.